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Delta Niner Nutrition

Messages we've gotten

J.S of Petawawa

 "I have been a client of Ashley’s for two years. As an active individual, it is important that I also receive proper fuel. Ashley provides a variety of healthy and nutritious meals with the appropriate portions listed so I’m always feeling satisfied between meals.  As a person with certain food sensitivities, she was able to work around those and create a personalized meal plan. As a result, I have increased energy during my workouts and was able to obtain a leaner physique with muscle gains.  I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone who is looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle in working towards their diet and fitness goals" 

D.K of Pembroke


Over the last few years, I have struggled with always eating the way I should, and exercising like I am supposed to. After I found Ashley, I was truly able to change my approach to health and wellness. I was able to learn that it was ok to struggle, and that it was normal. Since working with Ashley, my overall mood is better, my health overall is better, and my wife tells me I haven’t looked better in years. 

Thank you Ashley for being you!