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Is this you?

It was me!

Following every new diet I saw in magazines, on social media, tv.  Clearing my cupboards, following the strictest plans, eating alone so I wasn't tempted by my family meals, carrying my Tupperware to a birthday party to avoid eating anything they had, and almost crying at the end of the day because I was so miserable and the only person I had to blame, was myself.  

Ultimately I would cave, have a "bad" meal and fall in love with food again and quit. Which again resulted in me hating myself.  

Dieting, does work, for a little while.  But restricting yourself so severely will generally end with "failure" adopting a healthy lifestyle, allowing yourself to indulge mindfully, is where you will reap the rewards.

My clients enjoy their time, they eat pizza, chocolate, and have their coveted ice caps as more than just a "cheat". It's 👏 just 👏 food!!

Don't stop that motivation to be the best you, but drop us a line, we'll help you get there!​

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  I am a Certified and Insured Nutritionist and Wellness Expert. Before that I am a 10-year Military wife, mom to four kids and has a deep-rooted passion for food.  For the last 6 years I've  studied the relationship between food and overall medical health, food allergies and intolerance, complete digestive wellness, as well as Pre and Postnatal nutrition.  Maintaining a healthy household while ensuring even the pickiest eaters are content and without breaking the bank, has become something I am very invested in.    "A persons wellness goals should never be put on the backburner, let me get you started" 

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Nutrition is the foundation of your body and mind. 

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